GBGTour by metrunner

The Tour lets you explore Gothenburg in a very special way—ORIENTEERING! Being a national sport of Sweden, almost every Swede learnt the sport at school or through their families.

The GBGTour lets you travel around Gothenburg actively with a map.

Orienteering means to navigate with a map and a compass to find something. The purpose of travelling matches that of orienteering—to find and discover somewhere.

In our tours there are two parts. First, you’ll get a smaller area map so you can have a first taste of orienteering and practise your skills. Then, when you’re comfortable with orienteering, you’ll get a larger area map, with which you can discover the attractions of Gothenburg!

It works like this: to move to the next checkpoint, I and you will use different routes to get there as quick as possible. (No cheating, don’t take the tram!) You try to find the fastest route using the map and beat me!

You can complete the tour on a paper map and/or on the metrunner app.


Wait at: Gothenburg Central Station

Time: 10:00–12:00 / 14:00–16:00

Duration: 2 hours

End: Brunnsparken / Gothenburg Central Station


Please note that each session has a maximum of 20 people! While spaces last!

You can also book at TripAdvisor/Viator.


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About metrunner

Raphael Mak established metrunner in 2019 to promote orienteering through mobile, travel and other means. metrunner aims to make orienteering one of the major sports of the world. More info at